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Vendor Guidelines

Location and Hours

  • The Saint George Mediterranean Festival Market (“Market”) is held at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church, 5311 Mercer Street, Houston, TX 77005.

  • Festival and Market hours are 12:00 PM- 10:00 PM, Saturday, September 9, 2023.

  • All merchants or merchant representatives must be present in their assigned booths by 11:45 AM.

Application Process

  • Applications must be submitted through the application portal.

  • Payment details will be sent via email once application is received.

  • Applications will only be considered when all of the following have been received:

    • Payment has been made;

    • All parts of the online application, including all agreement contracts (will be emailed); and

    • All applicable certificates and permits and photos of booth setup have been emailed to

  • The Saint George Mediterranean Festival Market application deadline is Sunday, August 20.

  • The selection process is made by a committee.

  • Applicants will be notified by Wednesday, August 23, via email of acceptance or waitlist status.

  • Notification of contact information changes in the application, especially regarding email or mailing address, must be emailed as soon as possible to Please use an email that is checked frequently and ensure that the emails from Saint George Market are not going to a spam or junk folder.

Merchandise and Products

  • Merchandise and products must be original.

  • No imitation designer items will be allowed.

  • All merchandise and displays must be appropriate for a church setting. The Market is a faith-based event and is held on a church campus. Products that are political in nature or considered inappropriate are not allowed.

  • Burning candles and incense are prohibited at the Market.

  • Every effort will be made to avoid duplicating merchant offerings; however, Saint George’s cannot guarantee product exclusivity for each merchant.

  • Saint George’s reserves the right to ask merchants to remove merchandise deemed inappropriate.

Booth Dimension, Pricing and General Information

  • Saint George is requiring a minimum donation of $150 for a single booth. Single booths are approximately 8’ x 10’ and have the option of adding access to electricity for an additional fee. Each booth comes with one (1) six-foot uncovered table and two (2) chairs.

  • Individual booth spaces will be taped off. A site map will be provided with the location of your booth. Saint George will not be posting signage. Merchants may provide their own signage.

  • Maximum booth height is 8’. Merchants will be asked to move or remove walls and other obstructions over this requirement. No tents will be permitted inside the Market.

    • If your booth layout includes large or tall displays that may hinder a neighboring vendor, we ask that you email a layout of your booth to facilitate booth placement. Emails may be sent to

  • Only approved merchants may use a booth space. Merchants may not share a booth space with a merchant not approved by Saint George’s.

  • Additional uncovered, 6’x 30” tables are available to rent at $25 each, payable in advance.

    • Rental tables must be reserved and paid for by August 30. Tables will be placed in booths by check- in times.

  • Saint George’s has a limited number of chairs available (in addition to the two provided) only on a first-come, first-serve basis for $5 per chair.

  • Merchants must provide display materials such as tablecloths, drapes, lattice, display racks, etc., and any equipment needed for hauling, building and decorating their booth. Booth trash cans are not provided. General-use trash cans are placed throughout the Market areas. Merchants must also provide sales materials, such as calculators, pens, any point-of-sale devices, and a cash bank. Saint George’s cannot provide monetary change or POS systems.

Selling Food and Beverages/Food Permits

  • Vendors are not permitted to sell any ready-to-eat food or drink items, unless approved by even organizer and with appropriate licensing/permit from the city.


  • Saint George’s parishioners as well as parishioners from the other Orthodox churches in the Houston area will receive frequent announcements, mailings and emails.

  • The Market is publicized on Facebook and Instagram. Merchants are encouraged to tag our social media pages, to post photos of products and share booth information for Market patrons. Facebook: @houstonmedfest and Instagram: @houstonmedfest

Refunds, Empty Booth Policy and Inspections

  • Refunds of booth fees will be granted on a case by case basis.

  • All merchants must be present in their assigned booths for electrical inspection by 11:00 AM. Set up must be completed and each merchant must be in their booth by 11:45 AM. In case of an emergency, merchants should notify Sheryl or Elise Namee at

  • Merchants who have not checked in with Sheryl or Elise Namee by 11:00 AM will forfeit their booth space and all fees unless the Merchant Chair approves an exception.

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